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Canadian Danmark Norge

Presentation at the conference Urban Forests & Political Ecologies, Toronto, Canada, 2013

UNC held a presentation at the Urban Forests & Political Ecologies conference: Invasive species in urban environments: The necessity of Communication, Collaboration and Planninng

UFPE konferanse 2013:


This case study demonstrates how a lack of communication, collaboration and strategic planning between relevant stakeholders can exacerbate the spread of Giant Hogweed (Heracleum mantegazzianum) in urban environments. Giant Hogweed is a threat to urban ecologies - it is aggressive, resilient and toxic to humans.

This case study deals with a property in Copenhagen overrun with Giant Hogweed. Adjacent to the property is Copenhagen’s largest park and a nature area containing a “Natura 2000” Bird Reserve. There is great potential for the Hogweed to spread to these important recreational areas. Eradicating the Giant Hogweed and preventing the spread of seeds is made especially difficult due to a lack of communication between the Municipality of Copenhagen who owns the property, the residents, the allotment renters, and the contractors hired to eradicate Giant Hogweed. Increased communication prior to and during the strategic planning phase would improve cooperation between stakeholders. Community meetings, volunteer mobilization, and close contact with residents throughout the project would significantly aid in the eradication.

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